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Prakriti Bachao, Prakriti badhao

Kitchen Gardening | Interiorscaping

Have you always wanted a vegetable garden, but don't know where to start?

At Gardenhood we promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by providing expert home gardening services. Reducing carbon footprints, food miles, fusion style home gardening, managing waste reduction are key factors in our services. 

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Home Grown Vegetables


Eco-army is a group of certain individuals connected with Gardenhood to bring in awareness about sustainable development. We particularly wish for every individual to be a part of our community where-in we progress together towards sustainable living.

Our Services

  • A kitchen garden not 'in' the kitchen but 'for' the kitchen.

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  • Fusion balcony makeover with an aesthetic look and a vegetable garden.

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  • Flourish your underutilized terrace space by converting into a mini fa...

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A report from Agriculture & Food security states that families in mountain areas were able to generate more than 22% of their cash income through home-gardening activities.

265 M

Home gardening can be the only solution for the upcoming severe food insecurity that is projected to be doubled from 135 million in 2020 to 265 million by 2025 (majorly consisting urban areas).


An analysis by PAN India revealed that more than 115 pesticides out of registered 275 pesticides are highly hazardous chemical poisons, which are in our daily food intake.

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