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10 healthy and daily use vegetables you can grow indoors

Are you tired of buying subpar and frozen vegetables and fruits? In pursuit of fresh, organic produce you often have to suffice yourself with overpriced vegetables, greens and fruits with chemicals and pesticides.

Here's a solution for your problem. Grow your own vegetables in your kitchen spaces, balconies, terraces and yards.

Here are a few vegetables you can grow at home.

1. Chilies

India is the land of spices. For the majority of Indians, a dish lacking in spice or chilies is unfathomable. Most dishes served across India use chilies in some or the other way. Besides the unique taste and aroma, chilies in India also have various health and medicinal properties. If eaten moderately, the Indian chili is said to be good for one’s health. It would be most productive to grow these at home.

2. Capsicum

The more popular cousin of chili has now become an integral element in Indian kitchens, and urban gardens as well. It contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C. It improves your overall health and gives you glowing skin.

3. Radish

Quite the underrated ingredient in the Indian culinary scene, radish can find itself relished in a variety of ways depending upon the region. What few people know is that it is super easy to grow at home as well. They are extremely healthy and are rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium and potassium. It is also a good source of natural nitrates and improves blood flow.

4. Spinach

Spinach is a must have in your garden, you may not be a fan but these amazing benefits of eating spinach regularly will convince you to add it in your daily diet. It is rich in vitamins A, C, and K, magnesium, iron and manganese. spinach helps you strengthen your bones, eyesight and immune system. It repels bacteria and viruses, promotes your heart health and keeps you energized.

5. Mint

Mint makes a delicious and healthy addition to many foods and beverages. Mint’s health benefits range from improving brain function and digestive symptoms to relieving breastfeeding pain, cold symptoms and even bad breath. You really can’t go wrong adding some mint to your diet. Research demonstrates that its health benefits have mainly used mint taken in capsules, applied to the skin or inhaled via aromatherapy.

6. Cucumber

Consumed raw, this crunchy goodness is better when it comes fresh from your own garden. They are high in potassium and vitamin K, which is another indispensable element in almost all world cuisines. It contains antioxidants, promotes hydration. It may lower blood sugar and aid in weight loss and is very easy to add in your diet.

7. Bitter gourd

The list of immense health benefits that bitter gourd provides has so much influence as to why you should have this in your kitchen garden. It packs several important nutrients. It can help reduce blood sugar, may have cancer fighting properties, could decrease cholesterol levels, may also aid weight loss and is versatile and delicious. unpopular opinion - fried bitter gourd with rice is just amazingly delicious.

8. Coriander

Who doesn’t love fragrant and fresh coriander on a steaming bowl of gravy or on a tropical salad? These tiny leaves are bound to add a beautiful aroma to every dish they are added to. It contains rich immune boosting antioxidants, benefits your heart health, protects your brain health, may help lower your blood sugar, promotes digestion and gut health, fights infections and may protect your skin as well. definitely a must have.

9. Brinjal

Let's be honest 'baingan ka bharta' is to die for, it is so tasty and delicious especially if it comes fresh from your own garden. It is so healthy by being rich in antioxidants, eating brinjal helps reduce risk of heart disease, it helps control blood sugar levels and promotes weight loss.

10. Tomato

Tomatoes are an intensely nutritious plant food. They may help prevent cancer, and help maintain healthful blood pressure. The fiber, potassium and vitamin C content in tomatoes all support good heart health. it has high fiber and water content which has a positive impact on constipation, they also help improve your eyesight and skin.

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