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Designing Your Garden at home

Worried about where to start on designing your home garden? Well the worrying ends here.

Here are a few steps that would come in handy to help you get going on your home garden now.

Decide on a layout

Rooftops, kitchen windows, backyard, front yard and so are a few free spaces that can allow you to grow a beautiful garden.

A place where the soil is loose, rich and well drained comes in most handy for a good location. Decorating your rooftop or any other open space with a garden that is also multi purposeful could be a great use of space.

Consider what you want

There can be various methods and ways a home garden can be formed. You must decide on what kind of garden you would like and where in your home would you like to place it. It could be a vegetable garden or a floral one or a garden that has both these features in it.

Choose which vegetable plants and flower plants you would like in your garden

There are a number of options you can pick here and a big decision to make but it totally depends upon the space you have available, smaller spaces however can accommodate a beautiful organic vegetable garden whereas spaces that are big can more creatively work with flowers as well as vegetables in their garden. It also depends on your own personal preference.

Decide on formation

Upon choosing your favourite vegetables and flowers to plant in your garden, you can also decide on where and how you must place them. Your flowers can surround your vegetables on your garden bed and give a fenced look, you can have personal preference again about its formation.

Innovative Decorations

Once your beautiful garden is complete with all of the above you can decorate it with little yellow lights, bulbs or have blooming flower baskets, one can also make the addition of putting up a fence on your garden with a little door for you to enter. A lot more creativity can be added to a simple home garden with a few decorative ideas.

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