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These plastic plant tags are waterproof and will not brittle and snap like most plastic tags.
They will not rot as wooden tags do either,They don’t rust like metal tags,And best of all they are short enough to fit in a mini green house or humidity dome.
Using a plastic material, is green, pollution-free,The product is not easy to aging, easy to break,In any weather conditions it can be used normally, easily using available oil marker pen to mark.
It applys to fruit trees, nursery stock, flowers, greenhouse, potting test, etc,The use of the process will not have any impact on the plants.

*Durable, plastic plant labels or tags.
*Easily cleaned with household cleaner for reuse.
*All labels are UV resistant with a matte finish.
*"UV Resistant" makes the label last as long as possible

Plastic T-Type Plant Tags || 10x6 cm || set of 10 || Yellow colour

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