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Ground Setup

A kitchen garden not 'in' the kitchen but 'for' the kitchen.

    Service Description

    Growing your own vegetables is the new normal. With Gardenhood, you now have the convenience of getting your very own Vegetable Garden delivered to your doorstep and set up by our Garden Experts. You get homegrown, pesticide free organic produce every day, that is highly nutritious and is amazing in taste. You also get to enjoy your own private bit of greenery, pure air, friendly birds and butterflies and can make your own compost using your kitchen waste right at home. Frontyards/Backyards are the most preferred areas to cultivate kitchen gardens because of their easy accessibility to sunlight, water, and other connected elements. The size of the backyard doesn’t really matter because you can go for a stacked kitchen garden. ADVANTAGES: > Supply fresh fruits and vegetables high in nutritive value and free from toxic chemicals. > Effective utilization of kitchen waste water and kitchen waste materials. > Cooking and eating vegetables plucked by you tastes better and also gives immense satisfaction. > If you are trying hard to make your kids eat more vegetables, this would be a worth try to have them pluck their favorite vegetables and then feed them. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Book an appointment by calling to +91 7253046246 or via the BOOK NOW option. 2. Our garden consultant will visit your place. 3. We will analyze the space on different parameters like sunlight, orientation, drainage, electricity connections, water supply etc. 4. We will explain you about the setup details like crop selection, renovation ideas etc. and you can provide your customization. 5. We will give you a quote accordingly. Once you confirm the package and setup date depending on your preferable date and time, our garden maintenance team will visit your place. 6. Our garden maintenance team will install the garden and an expert maintainer will be assigned to you to carry out the plant care operations. 7. Our maintenance team will regularly follow up on the status of the garden, take the garden photos in regular intervals. 8. With our Eco-army initiative, we will be educating you on composting kitchen waste, sustainable living practices, benefits of healthy eating habits etc. ​

    General Terms

    > Guidance will be provided when our gardener visits your home after set-up. > Full payment of garden setup should be done immediately on the day of setup. > Customer committed to water the plant everyday on their own and responsibility of protecting against rats, squirrel or monkeys is customer’s scope. > You can expect 80% of good results but for different (Climate Change) reasons some plants may get dry, attract bacteria, virus and diseases which can be treated only by chemical application only. For that we will transplant other seedlings or sow new seeds. > Organic vegetable garden will be a life time experiment and yield varies for one terrace to another, depends on customer caring, area, season, water source etc In some cases, the yield for few months may not be as expected, this can be due to many natural or human factors, like heavy rain, high temperature, seeds, watering etc. > The maintenance person will be allocated specific time for each customer, hence last minute rescheduling is not possible. Customer shall not give any tips/money to company maintenance person. > In case supplies provided by us, gets damage customer has to pay for the same or purchase new one. > There is No Refund once the Garden/Fabrication setup. Please contact the management for any issue on the same. > To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24hrs before the booking time.

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