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Farm Your Garden

Individuals in general do not know how to use their open spaces like backyards, terraces, balconies and even a space as small as your kitchen window? All the worrying stops now. create your own organic farm at home. Utilize, modify and beautify those spaces with the help of organic farming and decorating those garden spaces.

Those who have land in their dwelling premises may not have the time or interest or motivation to undertake farming while those who are willing are in need of work may not have basic factors of production for the same. We connect the two with this institution of planting and maintaining your kitchen gardens and so on.

Individuals living in urban areas have much less control over the supply and quality of the food they intake than those living in rural areas. Revolutionize your living by introducing organic farming in your homes.

Reducing your intake of processed foods and vegetables is a great step towards healthy living. Picking vegetables right from your own garden can and will reduce your chemical intake from pesticides used on the vegetables. Vitamins and mineral content is also higher for freshly picked vegetables. One of the benefits of having your own kitchen garden is reducing your monthly food bill. you can grow your own groceries at a fraction of the cost in the stores. Other major benefits can be reducing your carbon footprint by reducing food miles. There is no greater luxury than sustainability. Individual farming can play an impactful role in our fight against global warming. It ensures water conservation, controls water pollution and encourages biodiversity. It also reduces pesticide and chemical residues in soil and promotes animal welfare. Organic foods produced through home farming have more nutritional value compared to conventionally grown products, it tastes better than non organic foods and also improves your immune system.

Apart from being as productive your kitchen gardens and open spaces can also look pretty and decorative and can add a natural beauty to your home.

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